The Chistye Prudy microdistrict. The center of Moscow

Chistye Prudy is another microdistrict in Moscow, which was given the name of a pond with a green zone. Oddly enough, the first name of the reservoir completely contradicted the modern one - it used to be called Filthy, because waste in the form of dust was often dumped into it, delivered here from nearby butcher shops. From here flowed the polluted Rachka River, which flowed into the Moskva River. This went on for quite a long time - right up to the time of Peter the Great. When the first emperor of Russia granted the place to his close friend and favorite Count Menshikov, he immediately ordered the pond to be cleaned, and since then it has been called in a new way.
In the 90s of the last century, the square near the pond began to be actively occupied by the so-called "scum of society" - the capital's informal and beau monde, the Ultra generation (in honor of the radio station that plays alternative Western music and domestic rock), since then all the young people rush here to spend their leisure time drinking alcoholic beverages and singing songs to the guitar. The sound of real freedom hovers around the pond, because even the guards turn a blind eye to violent youth, actions and flash mobs.
However, not only are Chistye Prudy famous for its audacious misdemeanors and free-thinking – new elite-type buildings are also growing here one after another.
Chistye Prudy Club Residence is a complex of two small family apartments and 8 individual houses designed in a laconic but original English style, reminiscent of the best London traditions. The courtyard is made in the best traditions of the architectural and landscape Italian palazzo style, decorated with elegant statuettes, decorated with greenery, benches and fountains. There is a special playground for children, and a two-level parking for cars. Each apartment is a work of art, where every thing is in harmony with the overall picture of the interior.
On Dayev lane 22 there is a building of a bizarre shape resembling a castle of the postmodern era. High ceilings, 8 floors, on 7 there is a good option of an apartment with a finished finish and three balconies, one of which is glazed – there is an exit to the study / nursery, there is a sauna right in the apartment. There are two bathrooms – guest and main.
Another entertaining mansion on four levels "egg" is Mashkov house 1, which stands out very much among the central Moscow new buildings. The trick is that one of the levels has a round shape and is painted bright red. Agree, an original and bold design solution? Inside - art painting, fresh design, moreover, expensive classical furniture. The apartment is fully equipped.
An interesting interior design, like a surprise in a faded package, is stored in a pre-revolutionary three-story building Podkolokolny lane 11. A two-bedroom apartment and a large studio – all this is decorated in an intricate loft style – there is parquet on the floor, and the walls are made of red brick. The option will appeal to bold creative natures.
In modern design, the appeal to the roots is also considered original. This is how you can call the design of one of the apartments on Myasnitskaya in house 22 - the kitchen furniture is made of solid wood, the dining room is designed in the best traditions of classics, the bedroom is somewhat reminiscent of modern with the same classic echoes, and the living room is a rattling, but very attractive mix of styles. Design madness unfolded on 2 hundred sq. m.
There are also such apartments where everything is done in the same style. For example, all the canons of art deco are observed in the apartment of Sretensky Boulevard 6/1 p. 1 - the decoration with green stones fits very harmoniously into the interior, the space is also well solved in the apartment Seliverstva lane 1.