Rent apartments in houses with underground parking in the south-west of Moscow

There are certain parameters that allow you to consider an apartment elite. It is characterized by originality, prestige, conditions of increased comfort and exclusivity. An important indicator is also the homogeneous composition of residents, there should be no random people here. Elite apartments are located most often near parks and squares, in ecologically clean areas of the Central Administrative District and CJSC of the capital, where there are no industrial facilities. Moreover, luxury real estate can be located both in a newly erected house and a reconstructed mansion or in an industrial premises. The main thing at the same time is that the complexes have everything that a modern person needs: modern engineering systems, water purification equipment, silent elevators, swimming pools, security systems, gyms, medical centers, supermarkets and many others.
An important role is played by expensive finishes and high quality building materials. All this is designed to provide the necessary level of comfort and safety for both apartment owners and their families. Another distinctive feature of luxury housing is the mandatory availability of Parking. Renting an apartment in a house with underground parking in Moscow is not so difficult, construction standards provide for the mandatory availability of parking spaces in all elite houses. Very often new buildings are equipped with several types of Parking. This can be: mechanized parking, implying the installation of a car in a special cell using an automated platform, underground parking, where the car is parked manually on the minus floors of the house, or ground parking.
Basically, apartment owners take care of the car right away, booking 2-3 parking spaces per family together with square meters of housing.
The construction of parking spaces is not cheap for a developer, each new floor underground costs almost twice as much as the ground floor. This, in turn, is reflected in the cost of parking spaces.
The elite residential building "At the Patriarchs" with underground Parking has 7 floors. From the 3rd to the 7th floor there are 25 apartments. On the 6th and 7th floors there are large terraces. The operated roof is lined with paving slabs and landscaped. The facades of the building are decorated with stucco elements and stained glass windows. Fences and gates have wrought iron grilles. The windows are glazed with double glazing with wooden frames. Natural stone and granite of gray shades were used in the lining of the basement. In the evening, the subdued soft light emphasizes the carved elements of forging and architectural details of the house, creating a special atmosphere of luxury and respectability.
The interiors of halls and other public spaces are lined with expensive high-quality materials according to an individual design project.
To ensure security, there is a control room and video surveillance.
As for the heated parking lot, its floor has an anti-dust coating, and an air-heat curtain is installed at the entrance. You can get inside only through automatic gates equipped with video cameras, the image from which is broadcast to the control room.
It is possible to rent apartments in houses with underground Parking in the south-west of Moscow. A great option is a comfortable residential complex "Vorobyovy Gory", consisting of 7 buildings with a number of floors of 17, 38-48 floors. On the upper stepped floors of the house there are spacious penthouses and observation decks, they offer a wonderful panorama of the surrounding area. The area of the apartments ranges from 100 to 554 sq.m. Engineering communications include an individual heating point that supplies residents with warm and cold water at any time of the year. In addition, the house is equipped with a pumping station for water supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Own RTP with transformer substations provide uninterrupted power supply to the complex.
The underground parking lot is a spacious five-level garage. It easily accommodates