Housing is always at a price, and luxury housing is at a great price

The concept of "luxury real estate" in Moscow is very multifaceted. This category includes pre-revolutionary houses, modern residential complexes in the most prestigious areas of the capital, and beautiful club houses in the central part of the capital.
Luxury housing closer to the center of Moscow has its advantages. This is a historically developed part of the city, striking in its beauty. The proximity of historical monuments and architectural masterpieces gives such housing a special value. Housing in the very center of Moscow will steadily increase in price, since living near the Kremlin or St. Basil's Cathedral is a special chic. Luxury real estate in such expensive and prestigious areas as Patriarch's Ponds, Novy Arbat, Prechistenka and other districts with sonorous names is a great investment and an excellent inheritance for children.
New comfortable spacious apartments in houses with alarm systems, security and car parking are a new generation of housing. In the center of Moscow, the city infrastructure is remarkably developed - from ordinary shops to elite boutiques, from ordinary kindergartens and schools, to the most prestigious preschool institutions to historical schools famous for their history and famous graduates. In this area there is a place to spend quality leisure for every taste: famous museums are adjacent to elite nightclubs and prestigious restaurants. There are many entertainment venues in the area for children. And adults can easily get to the central part of the city without standing in miles of traffic jams.
In the west of Moscow, several elite residential complexes have been built that are not inferior in quality of life and amenities to the city center. Such elite new buildings have grown, in particular, on Michurinsky, Kutuzovsky, Leninsky Avenues and Vernadsky Avenue. The old uncomfortable five-storey buildings inherited by the city from Soviet times have been demolished, giving way to comfortable beautiful housing built using the latest construction technologies. This area is distinguished by its spaciousness and rapidly developing infrastructure. For car owners there are multi-level parking lots. This area, unlike the congested center, is environmentally friendly, thanks to the conveniently located "rose of the winds", it is not for nothing that they are called "the lungs of Moscow". A lot of parks and squares, green spaces purify the air in this area. There are all conditions for adults and children. In terms of the number of prestigious schools and other prestigious educational institutions, this area is not inferior to the center. Shopping lovers will also really like this area – a lot of shopping centers, fashion stores contribute to this hobby. There are all conditions for those who like to do sports – there are excellent sports grounds and a large stadium.