Moscow by zodiac signs


It has long been known that Moscow is oriented along the zodiac lines and looks like a map of the starry sky. After all, there are 12 constellations in the zodiac circle, and there are 12 stations on the ring line of the Moscow metro. Mysticism? A person's place of residence affects his fate more than anything else. From the wrong location of the apartment, a career can "break", health can deteriorate, the right choice will bring the most powerful energy recharge. This is especially true for people dealing with large amounts of money when buying luxury housing. After all, if the position in society is high, then there are also many factors influencing it.

The sale of luxury apartments is carried out in many districts of Moscow. A city built according to astrological canons gives truly "stellar" chances for good luck. So where is it better to buy an apartment according to your zodiac sign?

Those who were born under the sign of Libra, it is better to buy or rent an apartment near the Kievskaya metro station near Gilyarovsky Street and Mira Avenue, and the Twins will feel comfortable near Paveletskaya station, ideally, they need to settle on Paveletskaya Square.

Cancers will get new opportunities in career and love by settling near Dobryninskaya station. Aquarians are recommended to live on Kozhevnicheskaya Street and Smolenskiy Boulevard, but fire signs (Lions, Sagittarians, Aries) should be interested in the surroundings of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line, especially if their work is somehow related to military craft or weapons. Moreover, the Lions, like no one else, are very suitable for the very center of the city, the closer to the Kremlin, the better. The aura of military parades and state power acts as a catalyst for them.

Scorpio is recommended to purchase real estate near Bolshaya Ordynka, Krymsky Val and Smolensky Boulevard, and Capricorns prefer to settle in the area of streets that are located near the Novoslobodskaya metro station. Pisces, if they want to get a surge of business activity, will suit all the houses near Komsomolskaya Square, and if they want warmth and peace, then the best choice is Kalanchevskaya and Dokuchaev Lane.

It is best for Virgo and Taurus to settle near any Moscow park, and the most successful purchase is the area of the Park named after them. Gorky, but next to any other park, they will also feel the rise of vitality. These signs most of all need greenery and proximity to nature.

The floor on which the apartment is purchased also matters. The first floors of houses are better suited to representatives of terrestrial and aquatic signs, and the higher ones are fiery and airy. In all these areas, you can easily find apartments and houses of varying degrees of comfort, even elite new buildings. So maybe you should listen to your sign, and then even the stars will help in all your affairs and endeavors?