«Acquiring land, look first of all at the water, the road, the neighbor.
Pliny the Elder. Natural history.
Unleash the potential of your property, relying on a vast array of data, unique experience and high quality services of Delight Realty
Evaluation of luxury real estate, taking into account the pricing factors characteristic of it:
  • location (prestige, historical value of the area, proximity to natural and cultural sites, social status of the environment);
  • uniqueness of the architectural project;
  • functional zoning and convenience of planning;
  • the cost of finishing, engineering systems and equipment;
  • security and safety systems;
  • species characteristics;
  • exceptional features (terraces, helipad, golf course, swimming pool, conservatory, own entrance and elevator).
Our real estate appraisal services are backed by over 30 years of experience, analysis and understanding of the luxury real estate market. , investment and management services and owns the current situation in this market segment.
For the company's clients, the assessment is included in the cost of services provided for renting or selling residential premises.

What is the purpose of the rating?

For sale and purchase
To resolve a dispute
For a mortgage
For guardianship
To understand the perspective and make a decision
for insurance

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