Klimentovsky lane 9/1

Luxury house in Klimentovsky lane 9/1.

ID 4722
Building type Pre-revolutionary
Floors 5
Architectural type Any
Building stage Sobstvennost
Wall Brick
Security Door intercommunication system
Parking unprotected
Entrance after renowation
Number of apartments 11

About the house in Klimentovsky lane, 9/1

The house in Klimentovsky Lane, 9/1 stands on the corner of Klimentovsky and Golikovsky lanes and is known as the house of Dr. Eberlin. It was built in 1912 on the eve of the First World War by the famous Moscow architect, master of pre-revolutionary neoclassicism Boris Velikovsky. State Councilor Afanasy (Afroim) Moiseevich Eberlin was a doctor of medicine at Moscow University, worked at the Golitsyn Hospital. Afanasy Moiseevich thought out how to use each part of a huge house. The entire first floor was occupied by two luxury apartments, which were rented to wealthy tenants for a large fee. On the second floor there was a private clinic of Dr. Eberlin himself. On the third floor, in two spacious apartments, the doctor himself lived with his family and his relatives. The two upper floors were rented out, but cheaper. There were already three apartments on the fourth floor, and the fifth was completely divided into small apartments, in which, mostly, people of creative specialties or students settled. The attic in Klimentovsky Lane, 9/1, was not idle either. On it, the professor arranged a winter garden, which was sheltered from the weather by a glass roof in the form of a tent. After the October Revolution, Afanasy Moiseevich Eberlin continued to work at the clinic, but when he was invited to a symposium in France in the mid-20s, he did not return to Russia. After the professor's departure, the house became completely residential. And another interesting fact from the history of the house at Klimentovsky Lane, 9/1 (Golikovsky Lane). The fact is that since its foundation, there has been no apartment at number 13 in it. There is no such thing now. In 2002, a complete reconstruction of the house was carried out.
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